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Laboratory Instruments Instruments purchased through European Regional Development Fund. CZ.02.1.01/0.0/0.0/15_003/0000495
Publications Articles published under the Project FIT
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Pharmacology And Immunotherapy doc. RNDr. Jaroslav TURÁNEK, CSc.
Virology doc.RNDr. Daniel RŮŽEK, Ph.D.
Chemistry And Toxicology RNDr. Miroslav MACHALA, CSc.
Biotechnology and Immunology UPOL Prof. MUDr. Mgr. Milan RAŠKA, Ph.D.
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11th International Conference "Drug Delivery Systems" in Telč 11th international conference on Drug Delivery Systems: "Nanotechnology for Healthcare" was held at Jesuit college in Telč on 5th - 7th June 2018.
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Laboratory Instruments These instruments were financed by Regional Development Fund. CZ.02.1.01/0.0/0.0/15_003/0000495
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Telč Conference 2017

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